Health/School Nurse

All 6th grade students starting 7th grade in the fall of 2018 will need to meet the immunization requirements set by the MN Dept. of Health. By law, before the first day of 7th grade, students will need to have received:

  • Tdap booster vaccine (Tetanus, Dipthereia, AND Pertussis) at age 11 years or later. If a child received Tdap at age 7-10 years, another dose is not needed at 11-12 years. However, if it was only a Td, a Tdap dose at age 11-12 is required.
  • Meningoccocal vaccine
  • OR a physician-signed Medical Exemption or parent-signed/notarized Conscientious Exemption if you choose not to immunize.

To see if your student is ready for 7th grade this fall, click on the link for guidelines:

Email Nurse Meghan Lorenzen.

Wellness Policy

All St. Joseph School stakeholders can contact our Food Service Manager or Principal if you would like to participate in the development, review, update, and implementation or our wellness policy. Our wellness policy is reviewed and updated every three years.

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