Meeting Individual Needs

Special Education

St. Joseph School works in partnership with ISD #196 (Rosemount Elementary and Rosemount Middle School) to provide special education services to students that qualify. Transportation is provided.

Instructional Support

In kindergarten and first grade, our part-time teacher’s aides assist with one-on-one and small group instruction.  In grades 2-8, our instructional support teacher works cooperatively with classroom teachers to assist in meeting individual student learning needs. The support teacher works with small groups and one-on-one with students to reinforce and review reading/language arts and math skills.

St. Joseph School Accommodation Plans

St. Joseph School works with students and families to accommodate learning needs and/or modify curriculum via a written accommodation plan (similar to a 504 plan).

Gifted/Talented Resources

Upon family request, St. Joseph School students can be assessed by the ISD #196 Gifted/Talented Specialist.  An accelerated learning plan may be created to meet student learning needs.

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