“When schools and families work together to support learning children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more” ~Ann Henderson & Karen Mapp

At St. Joseph School, we encourage all families to volunteer in some capacity. We have school day and evening volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Each family is asked to volunteer 15 hours during the school year.  A $150 volunteer fee is charged at the beginning of the school year.  As families complete 15 hours, they can earn back the $150!  We utilize the program Track It Forward to track volunteer hours. Please see the pdf below for more information.  In addition, all volunteers must complete the Archdiocesan required “Essential Three” which promotes student safety.

Track It Forward Instructions 2018 

Track It Forward


The Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis requires all volunteers to complete the “Essential 3”. The “Essential 3” are attendance at a live Virtus session, a completed background check, and a signed code of conduct.

Virtus Sessions:  Attendance at a Virtus session is a one-time, 3 hour requirement. There are many Virtus sessions available throughout the year and you can attend a session at St. Joseph School or any other parish. If you are new to our school/parish and have already attended a session at another parish, please provide us with the location and approximate date you attended. For more information or to register for a VIRTUS session please go to www.virtus.org.  Once attendance at a Virtus session is documented, all volunteers need to complete a simple background check and sign the volunteers code of conduct.

Background Check:  All volunteers need to have a background check. For new volunteers, a simple background check will be requested after you have completed your one-time Virtus Session.

Signed Code of Conduct:  The Code of Conduct form needs to be updated by volunteers each year that he or she volunteers in the school or parish. We update our Code of Conduct forms in the fall or as needed.

VIRTUS Guide_2019
How to Report Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Brochure
Promise to Protect Pledge to Heal Brochure

Sign Up Genius

Many of our SJS events use Sign Up Genius to schedule volunteers.

Sign Up Genius

School Day Volunteer Opportunities

Sign Up Genius playground & cafeteria schedule

Playground (Lunch Hour – Approx 11:20-12:20)
Volunteers are needed each school day for the noon recess period for grades K-4. Volunteers help the assigned staff person supervise the playground. Your schedule is determined by the preferences you indicate on the fall sign up form and through contact with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Cafeteria Duty (Lunch Hour – Approx 10:45-12:50)
Volunteers are scheduled to help serve condiments during the noon meal. Volunteers also help with clean up such as wiping tables after students leave the cafeteria. Your schedule is determined by the preferences you indicate on the fall sign up form and through contact with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Library Reader–Grades K & 1
A parent from each kindergarten and first grade family is given an opportunity to read to students during their library period. Parents are contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator through email or phone to arrange a reading time.

Field Trip Chaperones
When scheduled, field trips are arranged by teachers and the school office. Parent chaperones are contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator through email or by phone. Chaperones are chosen by lottery.

Other Gifts and Talents
Any talent or service that you can offer, please give the school a call and we’ll see what we can work out!

Home and School Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for families to volunteer for Home and School events throughout the year. Please contact Sheila Swift  651-313-8490 x5201

Hello! My name is Sheila Swift and I am the Events/Volunteer/ Fundraising Coordinator at St. Joseph School. I have met and worked with hundreds of volunteers who are extremely generous with their time and talents. St. Joseph School is rich with the spirit of volunteerism……but our programs won’t work without YOU! It’s a fantastic way to meet other school families and a living example for your children. If you wish to volunteer, or for more information on volunteer opportunities, please email me at sheila.swift@stjosephcommunity.org.

St. Joseph School is continuing E-Learning for the remainder of the school year.Click here for our COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates Page
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