Austin Rudoll

Austin Rudoll

Middle School Science (Grades 6-8), P.E. Teacher

Phone: ext: 4211

Favorite Saint:  St. Anthony- Growing up having 3 younger brothers and being a family of 4 boys we lost a lot of stuff. Socks, clothes, uniforms, sometimes family pets, and occasionally each other. My grandmother and my father always told us to pray to St. Anthony to find those lost people or items. Lo and behold they showed up! 

Favorite Outside-Of-Work Activity: I have many favorite outside of work activities and it hard to name just one so I will make a list:

  1. Going to the gym. I strive to not only grow spiritually, but physically as well! It is good for my overall health and I love challenging myself to push and lift harder/heavier 
  2. Taking the dog for a walk with my father. We use this time to connect, listen to our favorite podcasts and just take the time to talk.
  3. Spending time with family and friends 

Favorite Moment at SJS:  So far my favorite moment has been the 8th grade class realizing that when I say “eggs” I really say “aggs”! I put more of an “aye” sound when I say eggs compared to an “e”. They laughed so hard and probably will remind me for the rest of the year! Accents are weird….

Favorite Children’s Book:  Do’s and Don’ts by Todd Parr 

Favorite Place In Minnesota:  My cabin in the Cold Spring/ Richmond area (Past St. Cloud). There have been so many family memories there and I even lived at my cabin for 9 months when I was going to school in St. Cloud. Every time I go there I feel at peace and relaxed and always manage to have fun. 

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